A Photographer with Passion


(translation by Robert M. Strauss and Horst Jösch)


Horst Jösch is a photographer with passion. “I was 13 years old when I made this discovery”, remembers the 39-year old photographer. He was born in Santiago de Chile and came to the Lower Rhine two years later with his Chilean mother and German father. At present he lives in Meerbusch - Osterath.


His photographs give evidence of his three-year stays in both the USA and Munich, the capital of Bavaria. On one hand these photographs represent a rational documentation of architectural highlights and on the other hand they radiate something enchanted. This effect is obtained through the techniques of Emulsion Lift and Image Transfer. To do this, Jösch prepares Polaroid prints from original slides which he then processes by working on the details among other things: “I perfected my passion”, he says.


The results: photos of the Brooklyn Bridge, Golden Gate or the Olympiapark in Munich, could be seen in both one man- and group-shows in Berlin, Cologne, Munich and Miami. One can easily see that this freelance photographer prefers architecture as an inspiration. “However, another main focus lies in landscape photography”, emphasizes Horst, who received his diploma in agricultural-engineering. With his deep understanding of nature, it is fitting that Jösch got an assignment from a garden designer, Wantikow, to photograph different gardens for a brochure. His emotional vision, which he captures with the camera and puts into the right light with striking technique, makes these photos uniquely his own.


His success relies partly on his use of the right equipment: “I have invested a lot in this regard”, says Jösch. He has financed his photographic endeavours through his work as a producer with the children’s channel, Nickelodeon. And today he is involved in On-Air promotion for TV-channels.


Jösch was counted among the 20 best photographers in the RP-Online Photo Competition “Harbour of Düsseldorf”. In addition to many new assignments, Jösch now has a firm eye on the creation of a photo book.


Photographer Horst Jösch was born in Chile and lives in Meerbusch - Osterath.