The artist Horst Jösch exhibits in the U.S.A.





In 1999 Martha’s Vineyard in the state of Massachusetts, U.S.A. made the headlines worldwide. At that time John F. Kennedy jr. and his wife Carolyn crashed in their plane while approaching the island. Today the american high society spends their free time there. Horst Jösch as well will stay in this noble resort. However, the artist from Meerbusch won’t be enjoying the luxury lifestyle, but shows his fine art photography from may, 10th in a gallery. Due to his stays in Canada, USA and āhile Jösch, who lives in Osterath, has attained good contacts to the art scene also on the atlantic island. Under the title “Flower Art Show“ the photo-artist will show images, which document his philosophy: “The photographs speak my personal visual language.“ While working Jösch takes to an artistic process from which arises not the copy, but more in a pictorial sense the creation of a new image: “I’m anxious to create new views.“ The 41-year old is a convinced purveyor of film in photography. With it he uses the possibility to alter depth of field as a visiual composition. Digital technology is only applied with contracted work. Nevertheless: “The technique is only means to an end, means of expression to realize a vision.“ Architecture and landscape are the main focus of the photographs, which are worked on in his studio in the studio house Walzwerkstraße in Düsseldorf. Starting on April 27th, some of the pictures can be seen at the show “Kunst aus Meerbsuch“ (art from Meerbusch) in the Teloy-Mill Lank-Latum.