2009  Osborne Clarke, Cologne 'NOTIONAL FOOTBALL'

         deutsches haus at NYU, New York, 'FLOWER POWER' 

         Civic Gallery Kaarst, Townhall Büttgen, with Christof Knapp 

2007  Tecnical town house, Oberhausen, 'IN TRANSFER'

         ABB Stotz, Heidelberg, 'LA SERENA'

2006  ABB Stotz, Heidelberg, 'IN TRANSFER', 'LA SERENA'

2005  Atelier C9, Berlin, 'IN THE SQUARE'

         Steel mill Becker, Willich, 'IN TRANSFER'

         ABB Stotz, Heidelberg, 'IM TRANSFER' 

2004  Wilson Digital Effects, Cologne, 'ABSENCE'

         Atelier Cinemas, Munich, 'IN THE SQUARE'      

2003  4. Art-Tour St. Gereon und Plan 03, Cologne, 'IN THE SQUARE'

2002  3. Art-Tour St. Gereon, Cologne

2001  2. Art-Tour St. Gereon, Cologne

         Broadcast Video Inc., Miami

2000  The Laundry Bar, Miami Beach